Tidy it Up: To-Do Lists and Clean Rooms


Everyone that knows me is fully aware of how organized I am. I can’t focus without my life in order. You may think that some people are just born neat freaks and others will forever be slobs, but it’s so not true! I was the biggest mess until high school. I just didn’t care if my room was a mess. My mom used to pay my sister to clean my room because I just wouldn’t do it. I think once I entered high school I realized I needed to be responsible for myself, so I kept my room pristine and kept my priorities in check. I guess you have to do that, my mom couldn’t be planning my play dates anymore 🙂 I collected some tips to keep your life in order:

To-do lists:

Write it down- You are much more likely to do anything if you write it down. Make lists to write down tasks that need to be completed.

Be specific- If you need to study, write down what exactly you need to do. It’s much easier to cross off “do #1-50 practice problems” and “memorize vocabulary” rather than “prepare for test.”

Be realistic- Don’t put unrealistic tasks on to-do lists. Only write down what is manageable.

Spread it out- If you have to do multiple chores, spread them out. Do a little bit here and there to keep from being overwhelmed.

Get into a Routine- I wash my sheets on Saturdays. I realized if I didn’t have a schedule, I would forget. Routines are easy to make and to keep.

Color Code-This may be a little extreme for those just getting into organization, but I love color coding! My white-board calendar has different colors for school, volunteering, family and friends, and work.

Stay on top of it- Check off each task as it’s completed.

Look Back- At the end of the day look at your accomplishments and transfer undone tasks.

A Clean Room:

Put things Away- Find a practical spot for everything. Don’t put school textbooks in the back of your closet, put them near your desk.

Do the Minimum- The easiest way to make a room look clean is to make your bed and close your closet doors.

60 Seconds- If it takes 60 seconds or less, do it! Put the clothes in the hamper, throw away the trash, and put the dirty cups in the dishwasher.

Clean it out- Each year go through everything. Every summer I go through my closet and dresser and take out clothes I never wear anymore. I reorganize everything: my closet, my desk, my drawers, and under my bed.

Do you stay organized? Do these tips help? Do you have any suggestions of your own?

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Love. Grace.


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